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Who gave you your first watch? How old were you? Where were you? I ask people all the time. Nobody remembers what they were doing two Tuesdays ago; everybody remembers getting their first watch. The circumstances vary wildly—coming of age, moving to a new land, gaining a brother, losing a parent, graduating from one thing to another. Yet, there is something all the stories have in common: Intimacy.

We connect so much emotion to that first watch—our memories indelibly imbued with an almost magical nostalgia. But, why?

It’s the first time you had agency over your most precious, limited, non-renewable resource: time.

I wanted to feel that magic again. So, I started buying vintage watches that made me feel romantic and nostalgic—for moments I’d lived, and for moments I might have lived if things had turned out just a tiny bit differently. I want you to get to feel that magic again, too.

Vintage timepieces have historically been a rich man’s game. A low-end mid-century Rolex will cost at least $3,000. Multiply that number by maybe five or ten and you can have a Patek Philippe.

My budget was generally more like $50-300. Are there cool, vintage watches in that price range?

Turns out the answer is YES! There are many extremely rare, conversation-starting, iconic timepieces out there. They’re all generally made by the same Swiss horologists—often built with the exact same parts as the prestige brands. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.  I researched, then scoured auctions, estate sales, and curio shops around the world to find them. It was a lot of work.

Isn't there a store specializing in wearable vintage watches that look great, run great, and are priced fairly—preferably even offering a warranty? I figured, "That has to exist already, right?" It turned out NO, actually.

So, I decided that *I* would make my favorite vintage shop in the whole world. And that, dear reader, is where you have landed.

I spent years doing whatever it would took to make all these vintage watches mine. But, now I want to make them •yours•.