Let’s face it, there is a lot going on in the world, but we don’t need to discuss all of those complicated issues here. Let’s take a moment and think about how, in times like this, it’s a pretty cool idea to appreciate what is already in existence.  Who needs to buy new, when you can buy vintage? Buying vintage is kind of like saving the world. Things aren’t made like they used to (that’s what grandpa used to tell me), so why not save resources and look fabulous while doing so?

We’ve been thinking a lot about resources lately and the only resource that is being used in the vintage watch business…is time (you see what we did there?!). Mainly it’s our time and care and love and knowledge that are going into restoring timepieces so that they can adorn wrists and necks and fingers around the world. This isn’t to say we are saving the planet one watch at a time, we are just doing our small part to help out. Small parts, so many small parts are used in the making of watches.

No small parts

Sometimes watch parts are no longer being made, which means we need to scour the internet and small workshops to find them. That's where recycling comes into play. Nothing goes to waste when a watch is taken apart and reassembled. Everything is saved, cleaned, and restored. Thankfully we have lots of small boxes for lots of small parts that are just waiting to be reused. Reusing is one of the main components that go into each watch.

When faced with the challenges of lack of inventory and supply chains, It’s kind of great to step back and look at the massive amounts of watch parts that surround us. Justin is not only a collector and purveyor of watches, but he is also a very well-organized collector of the things that go inside the watches. When a piece comes in that needs a lot of love and attention, it is very likely everything that is needed to bring it back to life is cleaned and ready inside one of our many boxes.  Quite honestly, we can’t shop at a fancy chain store to buy what we need. We are always recycling and reusing as we go along.

It is easy being green

Reducing…now there is the challenge. The only time we reduce is when our one-of-a-kind watches are sold to one of you lovely readers. That's the only reduction we can really see in our line of business.

So what have we learned here today? Buying vintage is your way of being Green (saving green too!) and in small part, saving the planet.