What can I say about May? We do have some fun days in May, like May 4th…May the 4th be with you! The following day, May 5th is lots and lots of fun for a lot of people and especially the tequila makers. I May or May not participate in some of these holidays. 

Let's talk about mothers because you can’t have May without celebrating moms. May has 1 special day set aside for mothers and after I recently spent some time with a Stay-at-Home Mom, moms need more days. It’s a lot of work and I won’t go into how they should be compensated with more than flowers and candy. Mothers work hard and most work from a strict and well maintained schedule. What does it take to keep to a schedule? Timekeeping. 

It’s not too late!

A mom without a watch is late for something! The best thing about the moms I know (including my own) is that they always know when they have to leave for the next item on the agenda. In order to be on time…or fashionably late, moms need to watch the clock. What better way to be fashionably late than to give mom a beautiful and fashionable watch from JustinTimes Vintage. Don’t worry if you’re late giving mom the gift, she expects her kids to be late. There is still time to buy mom something that will keep her schedule on time and she will look great while doing so.

How awesome will it be to see mom glance down at her vintage watch and get that glow of “look what my lovely child bought me!” Then a second later that look of “oh no, time to go!”  Mom is going to love the way she looks while staying on schedule.  Because as I said, mothering is all about schedules. Getting you to school on time wasn’t just about waking you up and getting you on the bus. There’s a whole ballet of timing and routines that rely on that ever-moving minute hand. Getting you dressed, brushed, fed and your shoes on is a balancing act of time. Sometimes mom gets everything right, time is on her side and you would end up lovingly walked out of the door. When time isn’t on her side, you may have been lovingly shoved out the doorway while she yelled, “you only have 2 minutes and 14 seconds to get to the bus!”

There’s still time!

Some things I learned from spending time with moms: moms are magical and run on caffeine and schedules. Moms have tissues just when you need them. Moms have a fun collection of bandaids and gauze. Moms have snacks! Most importantly, moms can keep to a schedule. Gift mom with something that keeps time and looks great doing so. Even if Mother’s Day has passed, it doesn’t mean that the opportunity to shop JTV for something pretty for mom has.