It’s only been a couple of weeks since this year's Academy awards ceremony, but it already feels like a year has passed.  Does anyone remember which movie won or who the best actress was? Even without the “incident”, this knowledge would just fly from my brain.

The nominees are

What sticks around the longest is the fashion and the accessories. The tiny purses, the large necklaces that are on loan from expensive jewelers. Tiaras, boas, and sometimes large red gloves that can double as cleaning supplies (I’m looking at you, Gaga). It’s the subtle things that really finish the look that most of these glamorous people in their fabulous outfits. This year, people took notice of the beautiful timepieces and it’s all some people are talking about. Not everyone, because let's be honest, they’re unfortunately talking about something else.

This year the stars really aligned for some pretty swanky and cool timepieces. Spiderman #2 and Jaime Dornan both wore Omegas that haven’t hit the stores yet. The way the colors matched with Garfield’s burgundy suit really completed his look. Being at the ceremony is cool, but wearing an unreleased watch is a little cooler.

The tank watch made a great showing on the wrist of Rami Malek. Cartier really did a beautiful job matching the style of this very talented actor. This blog is about watches, so this writer will refrain from commenting on the person wearing the watch. I must also mention the Cartier tank on the wrist of the equally gifted Mr. Gyllenhaal. Ok, I’m done with the commentary…no I’m not. 

And the Oscar goes to

Next let's talk about the best dressed, Mr. Costner, and his magnificent Chopard. His look was perfect and the Chopard really set the look. I’ll admit, if I ever get my hands on one of these, it would take an act of God to remove it from my possession. It’s 42mm of classic and timeless beauty (I do realize the irony behind using the word timeless). As flashy and grand as the Billionaire watch that was wrapped around DJ Khaled’s wrist was, I still think the Chopard stole the show.

The point of all of this is to express the impact a beautiful watch can make, even against the backdrop of the most lavish night in Hollywood. Tuxedos, gowns, jewels, sky-high heels, and what can be the most eye-catching is something diamond-encrusted on your wrist. As fantastic as a little gold statue can be, you can’t wear it on date night or to cocktail parties. It’s not the proper accessory for a lady when she’s heading out for the day. Oscar is great, but his place is at home collecting dust on a shelf, not for looking cute with a little black dress. 

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