You know what is a really fun task when you are a proprietor of watches…changing the time twice a year. We really are spoiled by those super boring high-tech watches that change the time automatically.

As much as I try to understand why we still change our clocks twice a year, it just doesn’t make sense anymore. Although, if you tried to take that time change away from me, I would protest greatly. It’s now just a part of who we are and I don’t want it to go anywhere. I like that it gets dark early in the Fall and I appreciate the longer days for Spring and Summer. Although, losing an hour is my least favorite part of the whole process. I enjoy getting as much sleep as possible and that 1 hour is a big deal. With all that being said, if the bi-annual time change was taken from me, I would hate the change!

Spring brings in more than April Showers

The quiet and dark of winter is coming to a close and everything around us is changing. Leaves are beginning to turn green, flowers are starting to bud and the population of the wildlife is beginning to grow. This has always been the season for new, so let's celebrate it. March into something green and flashy so you don’t get the pinchy while drinking your stout ale. Wearing this will ensure that you are following the rules of a certain holiday that brings the joy of Irish drinks, corned beef and potatoes! Make sure you announce to anyone who will listen that you’re at least 4% Irish, and then follow it up with a little jig.

Don’t be the fool

I know, I know, this isn’t really a holiday. As much as holidays are loved, this one is not. Who really wants to be on high alert all day, waiting for someone to shout “fool” at you? If anything good happens to you on this day, are you skeptical of it until the 2nd? If someone calls and says, “so and so died”, would you laugh before hanging up on the would-be prankster? Instead of being on high alert so you don’t fall for any pranks, you should be on high alert for your personal safety. I wouldn’t want to be that person that crossed the street without looking, only to get hit by a guy on a bike. Friends and family would not believe me if I called from the ER asking for a ride home. I’d have to take an Uber because everyone would hang up the phone while shouting, “I’m no fool!” Just thinking about it makes me laugh. This is absolutely something that would happen to me and I can’t wait for it to happen.

Spring has sprung

I digress from the talk of silly holidays that come with each season. There are a few important holidays coming up, don’t forget mom and the Easter Bunny.