Winter is, no, I don’t think that can be said. We don’t have the marketing budget for such things to be said. 


Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, but it gets a bad wrap. The snow, ice, and dry skin aren’t something one looks forward to very much. Think of the positive aspects of winter – the bugs can’t handle the cold so they go...wherever bugs go when it gets cold, who really knows? Snow falls and the mercury drops. The rains come and wash away the dust and debris of the Fall. Fires blaze in the fireplace where they belong and not out in the wild.

The best thing about winter is that you can put on more to keep warm. Your winter clothes are taken out of storage and you get to bundle up in sweaters that are really helpful in covering up the times you asked for seconds at holiday meals (no judgment, as this is being written, a sweater is being worn and a box of peppermint bark is not long for this world). Pants with stretchy waistbands are back in style for a few months. You know what band doesn’t have to be taken out or loosened when too many treats have been had…watch bands. It’s a bonus of adorning yourself in one of the watches from JustinTimes Vintage, they don't judge you when you have too many sugar plums. JustinTimes Vintage offers a sweet selection of non-judgemental watch bands for every style and size.


If you think about it, winter really is the season for giving. The holidays we celebrate during the dark and cold winter months are all about bringing cheer and giving to those we care about. From tidings to valentines, is there another time of the year that is more focused on giving than winter? Maybe it stems from some deep human nature of providing for each other in the winter months. It may harken back to the days of hunting and trading. At JustinTimes Vintage we are watchmakers, not anthropologists.

JustinTimes Vintage is feeling the rush of the holiday season and enjoying every moment of it. We’re prepared for all of the events of winter. It’s a hectic time for holiday parties, decorations, trees, menorahs, a new year, and valentines.  We’re here for when you come looking for beautiful pieces of time for the season of giving. Whatever vintage timepiece you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Covered like the scarf that one aunt gifted to you, that she only seems to find in orange or purple plaid (we all love that auntie).

Giving vintage timepieces from JustinTimes Vintage should be added to the tradition of giving this winter season. 


Enjoy the quiet of the winter once the hustle and bustle is over. Put on your new slipper socks, that somehow go missing by the time Spring comes around again (seriously, where do they go?) Slip on your vintage watch and listen to the seconds tick away until the new season is here. Surely by then, we’ll have had enough of the cold and dark, and we will all welcome the new season of awakening and growth. When that time comes, we’ll be singing the praises of Spring.