With the time for gift-giving coming at us like a freight train, comes the never answered question, “What do I give to the person who has everything?” We’re not here to tell you that what you have to give is not beautiful and wonderful. What you have to give is always wonderful.  

Do they really have everything?

We’re sure it’s not true that the special one in your life has “everything”. They probably have all the ties they will ever wear (are ties still a thing?) Mom has one too many subscriptions to a food of the month club. Dad most likely treated himself to the newest gadget or electronic on Black Friday. These are great gift ideas, but they can be so impersonal. What makes a gift special is the thought behind it and the fact that this gift was something picked out truly for them. It’s also nice if it’s rare, shiny, and beautifully wrapped. 

Finding a special gift takes time

A vintage watch chosen with a specific person in mind is a great way to say, “I took the time to choose this for you and only you.”  Whether it be a watch for diving to the depths of the Great Lakes or a watch that sparkles just right when the sun hits it, it’s going to be perfect for whomever you choose. 

gold pendant watch, gold pocket watch, gold Ernest Borel wristwatch

Variety in the details

When selecting a timepiece as a gift, choose what you feel makes it special for your person. A watch can be a statement for the wearer and a statement of love as the gift giver. How will that wrist look with a tank or a marquise?  How many jewels on the face do I need to make my person’s face light up? Leather, gold, silver, rose gold, you really can’t go wrong. With the variety of styles available at JustinTimes Vintage you won’t have a problem choosing the right one.  

watches on wrists

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in quantity that quality is overlooked. Receiving individually wrapped pieces to a new chess set can be silly fun, but in the end, you’re surrounded by paper waste and now you have to find someone to play chess with. We don’t know about you, but finding the time to play chess has never been a mastered skill.  You can always find a wrist or pocket to adorn with a watch. Wrists are there all the time! You take them with you wherever you go and almost everyone has a wrist. If your special person doesn’t have a wrist, they probably have pockets and a neck. Necks are beautiful and can be made even more so with a pendant watch...which are also found on JustinTimes Vintage.

Most of all, have a wonderful holiday

Pick the perfect tree and trim it beautifully. Light the candles and let them shine. Bake the goods and savor each flavor. Hang the lights and be merry and bright. Wrap the love with paper and bows. Enjoy the moments the gifts are given. 

Don’t forget the batteries and remember to wind the watch before you seal it up.